Being on site part 2 – The office

Being on site part 1 – introduction

The office space was also something new to me. By then I was used to work in small offices with up to 4 people in it. That was okay for me.

Then an open space office. I remember my thoughts first time I came in. Nobody said hello, nobody did really recognise me. (Later on, I learned, all the people around me where from a different team). I got comfortable with the whole situation in short time, the only thing which was different, was the higher noise level.

After two months I moved to a new desk in the office next door where my team was. My new desk was one of the best. I sat on one of the edges and had a good overview over the crowd. Usually about twenty-five to thirty people worked in this room. The equipment of the room was a bit like you know from movies, but it didn’t feel cold or something like that. Everybody had a comfortable chair, a height-adjustable desk, a nearly equal computer, two monitors, a telephone. The height-adjustable desks came in handy for pair programming or short presentations of something, because it was easier and more comfortable two or more people standing at the desk than sitting.

There were three spaces with six people each, three sitting in a row. Some desks remained free for visitors. And we often had visitors, mostly from the other offices from Amsterdam or Stockholm.

As I already mentioned, the noise level was higher compared to a four person office. Most of the time I was working with earphones on, listening to music, because the colleagues discussions usually didn’t concern me. So music helped me to stay focused on my work.

Mostly I came very early (around 7:00 or 7:30), at this time it was very quiet and most important, nobody there who disturbs you with questions. Some of my colleagues where complaining about this kind of office, they weren’t able to do serious work here, because of being bothered by others all the time. This is true, it is harder to focus. But I liked this kind of office. You always see what is going on, who is in and who is not.

Next part coming soon.