Some days ago at work, my PC workstation suddendly stopped working properly. Everything became slow, my Outlook client did not respond anymore. Only a hard reset helped. Everytime, I started Outlook, it crashed. I talked to an administrator, he said, the crash is caused by a problem with archive files (every Exchange account has a 100MB quota at the company), I should stop using archive files, then everything would work fine. I unlinked the file, did a hard reset, and voilà, everything works again – except my archive. So the day will come again, where my quota exceeds and I need a safe place for old mails.

So I came up with blackMagic. This piece of software exposes the Outlook object model to JavaScript, so you can automate Outlook the way you want without writing a full blown .Net program. It also has a very simple module mechanism that enables extendability. The first and at the moment only module you can require is fs, for very basic file system access. With this software I want to implement my custom backup strategy for emails and more important: attachments (more on that later).

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