Email – Rant 458

I saw the phenomenom where people do project management with emails. They claim „I don’t need anything else than an email client on my machine“. Obviously in many cases this is Outlook. Srsly? Really important things get documented *only* in emails, credentials are stored only in emails. Emails are used to prove facts because of […]

Fancy websites – and Internet Explorer 8

During the last days I helped at a web project. Everything fine, we made quite good progress. The only thing that costed some time was that we needed to support Internet Explorer 8. The problem in this case was, that IE 8 has no support for media queries. We used Twitter Bootstrap components, CSS and […]

Getting into a new world

This is my recap of the last few months (actually the year). At the beginning of the year I couldn’t imagine that things would happen as they happened. January 2013: I worked on a project at a well known energy provider in Hamburg, doing Backend and Frontend stuff in .Net. It was okay for me, […]

RESTful mail

Email, is okay. I do not rely that heavy on this as some others but I want a cool and sophisticated client. But most of the email clients out there don’t delight me that much. They work ok, but nothing special. The only one I like is Gmail. But it comes with this Google thingy […]

Rewrite history to change author information

I had the case that I made commits in my local repository with an incorrect email address. Since they weren’t pushed yet, fixing this wasn’t a big thing. I researched for possible solutions, one was to work with filter-branch, but I had only two commits to edit so I continued research. On StackOverflow, I came […]

Ruby: Insecure world writeable dir in PATH

I faced this error message when I ran rails or bundle: /Users/XXX/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p392@global/gems/bundler-1.3.5/lib/bundler.rb:284: warning: Insecure world writable dir /usr/local/bin in PATH, mode 040777 After short research I found the reason for this issue. /usr/bin/local was addded to $PATH and changed to be writable. I think I made the mistake and changed it to world because of […]

Change commit author and email

I had the situation where a git repository had the wrong author name and email. Before this was going to be published I wanted all commits having the correct author name. After short research I found this solution: git filter-branch –commit-filter ‚ if [ „$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME“ = „<Old Name>“ ]; then GIT_COMMITTER_NAME=“<New Name>“; GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=“<New Name>“; GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=“<New […]