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People, I don’t understand it. Why always being so negative about so many programming related things?
„Oh no, you shouldn’t do a new framework, that does not work“
„Oh no, Ruby, isn’t that the language mostly used in startups? Don’t they all fail after a certain time?“
„Startups, oh they maybe have a great idea, but you can’t earn that much money there and after a few months you’re unemployed“
„Dude, use C#, that’s what is used in enterprise business“
„That framework? No, our solution architect says no“
„You do an application without caring about your database? Dude, wtf? How can this work? You will fail“
„JavaScript, no way! It is not possible to write great applications with that“
„How can one write great applications with a dynamically typed programming language?!“
„iPhone? Oh great thing, I really would like it to write apps, but I can’t do it with C#. So this is not interesting for me“
„Oh come on, JavaScript, srsly? You really should consider doing C#“
Some of this opinios are a bit overstated and I really should not take everything too seriously but I need to say some sentences about that.
I started programming with C# and .Net to earn some money when I went to school. But after a time, I also started playing around with other languages and environments. In my peer group I was one of the few who came up with Linux. I earned my first real money doing .Net development, so I stayed there. I learned new techniques, new patterns got trained in writing more sophisticated software. But in the mean time I got myself a Mac. I saw that it is time to change something. And the whole Windows and .Net world is just one possible reality. A few months ago, when an idea came into my mind, I wrote software using C# because I knew how to do all the stuff to get results. But always booting a Windows in a virtual machine is not that great and I missed a bit the challenge. This week I visitied and was impressed by the people I met and the atmosphere there. I realised that I should focus a bit more on web technologies. The whole development is not driven by a single company, you don’t have to pay for developer tools and you are not tied to a certain environment (like the Windows operating system + Visual Studio). It’s not always about business and the big money. You decide which editor (or IDE) to use, which target environment (browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE,…) and you are free to choose which operating system to use. As I could conclude, most people use Macs or another Unix based OS. But you could also use Windows for development.

In the Windows development world, using a unix based machine at home is somewhat unordinary. iPhones and iPads are okay, but Macs, that’s quite uncommon. I like it to work with C#, but there are other languages and worlds as well. There are also more possible alternative realities. So something needs to happen.

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