Getting into a new world

This is my recap of the last few months (actually the year). At the beginning of the year I couldn’t imagine that things would happen as they happened.

January 2013:

I worked on a project at a well known energy provider in Hamburg, doing Backend and Frontend stuff in .Net. It was okay for me, I knew the work environment, the problem domain, my .Net toolchain, everything. I was comfortable with .Net, but in my freetime I spelunked in all the other stuff out there. A bit of Rails, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python. Read about the other people who do great Open source work, and all the stuff.

February-December 2013:

I visited Berlin first time ever (Feb.), the Berlin.js user group (Feb.), coached first time at Rails Girls Berlin (May) and then I decided to move here. The move itself was a bit complicated (July) but now I am working as a Ruby developer here in Berlin.

And it was completely different than I had imagined. I knew, that I had to learn much new technical stuff, but besides that, I also got to know many new people. Most of them in Berlin, but also all the other famous Ruby developers out there. I am thankful, that they welcomed me so warmly.

At first, it wasn’t that easy, many new names, no idea on what projects they’re working on. All the new Ruby things. But now, I’m making progress, reading many things about the people, their projects and so on.

Summarized, even that I am working as developer for more than three years now, it was a complete restart. At the beginning it costs time and effort to get in touch and catching up, but after some time it gets a bit easier. Of course it wasn’t like learning to program once again but it takes time to switch programming languages and feeling comfortable again.