My personal Rails Girls workshop experience

Last friday was the latest Rails Girls Berlin workshop at eurucamp. I have been there as a coach. It was great to see how many women came there to get an impression about web development.

When I coached first time at the anniversary workshop in May, in the evening I came out with some things, which could made be better or need some discussion. The most important thing which came into my mind was Rails. When I look back at my personal experience learning Rails, I wasn’t sure, if this wouldn’t be a bit too much learning for the first step. Rails is a great framework for web development, but if you’re new, you have to learn many things at once. At the beginning of the latest workshop these things came back into my mind. But this time after the workshop I changed my opinion. My group consisted about women who had little or no experience in programming and/or web development. When we finished the app tutorial, all of them were very amazed how quickly they built a working web application. Sure, if they want to dig deeper, there is much to do, but I learned that this is it were Rails Girls is about. Show, that web development and programming in general is no rock science and can be learned by everybody. For the next steps, there are project groups, follow ups and so on.