RESTful mail

Email, is okay. I do not rely that heavy on this as some others but I want a cool and sophisticated client. But most of the email clients out there don’t delight me that much. They work ok, but nothing special. The only one I like is Gmail. But it comes with this Google thingy and I don’t want Gmail to manage my other non Gmail account as well.

Some time ago I read something about RESTful mail or something like that. The blogpost described how url schemes could look like to describe an email account. I liked the idea, I spelunked shortly into code which dealt with IMAP and I knew, if I would write an email client, I don’t want to mess around with that all the time. I want something easily consumable, an HTTP API which offers folders, mails and all that stuff in JSON (maybe XML as well).

A few days ago I started with something like a proof of concept where I wanted to see if this is possible to achieve. And the answer is YES. I came up with a small app which uses Sinatra and CouchDB. I chose Sinatra, because it is easy to create a simple HTTP API, and CouchDB manages all the messages.

Check it out here:

But beware, this doesn’t contain any documentation, just a few tests, nothing more.