The CI issue

At my current company, I work on several software projects. The time has come, the results needs to be deployed on TST machines. So began to setup the CI server for deployments. But unfortunately it crashed and I wasn’t able to restore it yet. It seems to be the case that there are issues with a repository cache or so.

I need to create deployment packages, but it costs too much time trying to fix the CI server from remote. I decided to spend my Thursday evening hacking together some JavaScript that calls MSBuild to first build the solution and then create deployment packages. The source code looks not that pretty but it does the job. I hung up with some issues using child_process, but I’m looking forward to fix this 🙂

If anybody is interested, I can put up the source code on github. And yes, I know, actually there are enough CI-Servers out there and it is senseless to come up with some custom scripts. Good for you, I don’t care 🙂

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